Monday, 14 March 2011

Anatomy Projects - extInked Ambassador Portraits

Nineteenth Century studio plate camera used by Anatomy Projects to photograph the Ambassadors.
Photography, Tom Bing.

Artists Gavin Parry and David Penny of Anatomy Projects have been collaborating with UHC over the past two years creatively documenting art projects such as extInked and EXAM.

In November 2009, they were commissioned to create a collection of portraits of the one hundred Ambassadors as part of the extInked project using a restored 19th century studio plate camera. The intention was not to make a document of the tattoo but to create a portrait of the individual, as a part of a shared experience of the social experiment.

Portrait of Stephen Medeema, Ambassador for the Narrow-Leaved-Helleborine.

Photography by Anatomy Projects.

The portraits were exhibited at the extInked reunion 2010 as part of the exhibition at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester entitled 'A Horse walks in to a Bar'. The portraits will also be exhibited at various locations around the UK throughout 2011 - 2012 as part of the extInked UK tour, further details to be announced shortly.

To see a sample of the beautiful portraits please visit the Anatomy Projects website.

This collaboration between UHC and Anatomy Projects has been made possible through the financial support of MIRIAD.