Saturday, 2 July 2011

One exhibition down four to go...

Spiderweb Cup & Saucer, Eleanor Morgan.

Into the Wild, an exhibition at Smiths Row Contemporary Art Gallery in the beautiful historic market town of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk came to a close this weekend. The exhibition explored notions around wilderness and asked audiences to consider; what is wild?

Ultimate Holding Company were invited to exhibit artwork from the extInked project, alongside work from seven other artists which included, Sam Bakewell, Beatriz de Costa, Eleanor Morgan, Lee Patterson, Laura Pullig, Matthew Smith and Chiz Turnross.

Elegy Rue Paean, Sam Bakewell.

Smiths Row also ran a series of events and educational activities that ran alongside the exhibition and included:

Talk: Dragonflies - Masters of the Air

Adrian Parr from the British Dragonfly Society hosted an afternoon talk in the gallery about the wonder of dragonflies which was followed by a guided walk around the local area identifying local dragonfly hotspots!

The British Dragonfly Society


Talk: Marine Conservation & the Native Oyster

Elizabeth Allen, Ambassador for the Native Oyster.

Elizabeth Allen hosted a lunchtime talk about her involvement with the extInked project and her role as the Ambassador for the Native Oyster, she also offered us an inspirational insight into the work of conservation charity Fauna and Flora International.

Fauna and Flora International


T: @FaunaFloraInt

Images of the exhibition can be found on the extInked website or by clicking here.