Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Behind the scenes at Manchester Museum!

ExtInked Ambassadors Annie Harrison, Nick Dixon and Clyve Bonnell were invited by Manchester Museum to spend a day behind the scenes at the museum, meeting the experts and learning about their species. 

Gavin Parry and David Penny from Anatomy Projects were also invited along to document each meeting and produce several new pieces of work that will be shown in the forthcoming exhibitions as part of the We are extInked UK tour.

Here are some behind the scenes shots taken during each meeting at the wonderful Manchester Museum.

Clyve Bonnell, Ambassador for the Distinguished Jumping Spider had an opportunity to meet with Dmitri Logunov, Curator of Anthropods in the Entomololgy department and later explored the vast collections of specimens housed in the museum stalls.

Manchester Museum has a stunning herbarium located at the very top of the museum building, housing thousands of plant specimens dating back hundreds of years. We were lucky enough to spend an afternoon in there with Annie Harrison, Ambassador for the Cornflower as she met with the Lindsey Loughtman, Curatorial Assistant of Botany.

Nick Dixon, Ambassador for the Western Capercaillie met with Henry McGhie, Head of Collections and Curator of Zoology. 

Whilst Nick and Henry were deep in conversation we decided to take a look around the bird stalls!

We would like to thank Dmitri Logunov, Lindsey Loughtman, Henry McGhie and the team at Manchester Museum for their continued support with the extInked project and We are extInked UK tour.