Wednesday, 16 May 2012

We are extInked at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Activity Weekends

We are excited to have support from the following organisations/people for our two activity weekends as part of the We are extInked exhibition currently open in the Gateway Gallery at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

26th/27th May 2012 - Bugs, bees, butterflies and flowers. (1-4pm each day)

- Buglife
- Bumblebee Conservation Trust
- Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh 

23rd/24th June 2012 - Mammals & marine species. 
(1-4pm each day)

- Peoples Trust for Endangered Species 
- extInked Ambassador Hugh Warwick 
- Highland Tiger: The Scottish Wildcat
- Marine Conservation Society
- Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
- Edinburgh Butterfly & Insect World
- Children's temporary Tattoo artist

Specific event details to be posted soon but all activities are family friendly, free and are open to all.

More information please email or visit the webpage.

The exhibition is open until 29th July 2012.