Tuesday, 3 May 2011

***extInked exhibition announcement***

Go Into the Wild with extInked...

We are delighted to announce that extInked will be featured in the forthcoming exhibition Into the Wild at Smiths Row Contemporary Arts and Crafts Gallery in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Opening Saturday 14th May 2011, Into the Wild will showcase a collection of work from eight artists and collectives exploring with the wilderness around us and our relationship with the infinite flora and fauna within it.

Directly inspired by the beautiful rural surroundings of Suffolk, Into the Wild aims to alert visitors to the seemingly invisible wildlife around us everyday and the idea that 'wilderness' is closer than it might at first seem. Nature adapts and reclaims environment whether urban, office or park bench....there is wonder and enchantment in the smallest spider or invertebrate.

The artists will offer audiences an insight in to this wonderful world....

Ultimate Holding Company

Ultimate Holding Company will present extInked as a body of work documenting the story of the unique arts and ecology project from its inception in 2009 through to the current work of the one hundred ambassadors.

Laura Pullig

Laura Pullig’s Responsive Flower. Her use of technology seeks to re-enchant and reflect nature back at us.

Beatriz da Costa

Beatriz da Costa has created a downloadable phone application which will allow audiences to identify the habitat of endangered species from wherever their location in the UK.

Lee Patterson

Lee Pattersons’ sonic recordings reveal the sounds of the wilderness which normally cannot be heard by the human ear. Patterson is currently working in residence at Flatford Mill, carrying out field studies by the Norfolk Broads to produce a new work for the show.

Eleanor Morgan

The technical wonder of Eleanor Morgan’s Spiderweb Cup and Saucer is testimony to the artist’s curiosity at our human relationship with animals.

Sam Bakewell

Another highly intricate work in the show is parian-ware sculpture by Sam Bakewell, this work pays homage to the endangered honey bee.

Chiz Turnross

Chiz Turnross’ fevered painting of countless birds creates a colourful flock within the Gallery.

Matthew Smith

A panorama continues through the work of Matthew Smith and his series of drawings entitled British Wildlife depicting mammals, birds and trees which are silhouetted against a gloomy sky.

For more information about the exhibition please click here.