Saturday, 22 September 2012

We are extInked featured in the Guardian Guide

We were very excited to find our exhibition had been selected as one of the exhibition highlights in the Guardian Guide - 22/09/2012.

Here is their lovely summary of the exhibition at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum:

We are extInked, Rugby

Launched in 2009 to celebrate Charles Darwin's 200th birthday, extInked is a strange and unusually affecting project combining graphic art, tattooing, photographic documentation and community action. From November of that year, 100 drawings of endangered birds, plants, reptiles, mammals and invertebrates were permanently transferred by Ink Vs Steel on to the various body parts of 100 volunteers who then became extInked living ambassadors. This show includes the original drawings and documentary images of the whole project, but it's the portraits that convey a passionate commitment to the cause.

Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, to 10th November 2012.